HAPPY Father's Day

He's completely grown, as in grown-grown, so I would never expect that I would be his confidant (I was raised right) -- but to have someone in the world, with whom I can have conversations revealing the oddities of my internal experience.  And have them fully accepted. Now, that is a privilege of epic proportions.  It's an experience that we've both committed to nurturing. Mind you, he's not on any form of social media, but I would be remiss in keeping the beauty of our connection to myself.  It is evident.  I have his smile.  His hands. And my slim build is certainly a figure I cut because of him.  He sheltered me when the loss of my mother was...overwhelming.  I can't help but celebrate her choice, since #girlsruntheworld, but he continues to be a role model. Of honesty, of integrity, of "always building a bridge".  To those who have met him, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It radiates.  I am so glad that I make you proud.  Happy Father's Day, Daddy.  

I love you.

Kenya RobinsonComment