EIGHT Days a Week (Corporate Karma/Deal or No Deal)



Aluminum brief cases, foam, silk flowers, miniature picket fencing, artificial grass, vintage photographs, paper raffle tickets, magnifying beauty mirrors, shell casings, plastic pearl beads, amber prescription pill bottles, Lazy Susan.

Photo by Connor Bouchard, Image courtesy of The Orlando Museum of Art.

Updated, April 17, 2019

I had a recent conversation with a new colleague and he reminded me of a term that I’d neglected to include in my thoughts concerning “Corporate America”: CORPORATOCRACY . As I delve more in to the exponential nature corporate structures, the mechanisms of our individual participation are clarified. Whether it’s how deposit fees are assigned by utility companies, or the profit driven models of gun legislation, or even the tangled web of health care billing, I am drawn the interactive possibilities of the art installation. Mostly though, I’m obsessed with the vision of EIGHT Days a Week (Corporate Karma/Deal or No Deal), reimagined as the Price is Right Wheel