TOONSKIN to 2NSKiN (Part 2)

In 2013 I had the pleasure of curating an exhibition titled 'TOONSKIN at Artspace in New Haven, CT.  It was an exploration of blackness in sequential art, not only as a cultural/political identity and method of othering, but also within a historical context of pigment.  Another core concept of the exhibition was the mechanical contribution of blackness-as-void in all motion pictures: the appearance of movement is achieved only through a space of absence between each frame.

As blackness enjoys an extended moment of mainstream representation, I've invited a group of artists to consider the void within.  That primordial blackness of a closed system, within their own body, and the place where possibility resides before it becomes thought... 



Beyond this philosophical hair twirl, I'm proposing the commission of 1-2 minute animated shorts, in which each participating artist is paired with an animation production studio located in Asia, for the next iteration of 'TOONSKIN (aka: 2NSKiN).  Using the tools of your own practice and the expertise of the professional animators, you are encouraged to outline the manner of your participation in the creative process. Art direction, character design, script writing, scoring, traditional vs. digital, collage, and claymation, are a small sampling of potential. 

Kenya Robinson