SIX Thousand Is A Lot

Six Thousand Is A Lot. 

A work for interactive performance by Kenya (Robinson)  

By kindergarten children should be able to use 6,000 words to operate at grade level*.   This is a lot.  For children to excel, this number inflates to 8,000.  I believe that an art practice can be instrumental in raising this number.  As artists we ask questions, we make guesses, we declare, we clarify.  We are always communicating, particularly when we are collaborating.  And so, I propose a collaboration that appears as an early childhood art class.   

Using the five basic senses as a point of a departure, I will develop a course designed for children (ages 2.5 - 5 years).  Each of the five senses will be highlighted.  Proposed class meetings are two 30-minute sections with a cap of 15 students per module (i.e. 30 students per location). There will be a 15-minute intermission to reset the stations. One parent or guardian must accompany each student. Outreach will be designed to recruit a diverse roster.   All work done on-site will remain at the studio and Creativity Kits will be provided for home use.  

Parents are early childhood educators.  This program will seamlessly provide skills to enhance this natural process by encouraging vocabulary growth, introduction of printed matter, fine motor skills, play, experimentation and dense interactions. With the inclusion of parents/guardians as co-learners, I hope to influence positive exchanges that inspire and create nurturing spaces for discovery.  I have found that my process as an educator mimics my studio practice. I have even begun incorporating the projects of my students into my own work. "6,000 Is A Lot" will utilize the materials native to an early childhood classroom (crayons, markers, white glue, cut paper), and repurposed artwork from the classes, to create series to be presented in an installation room at the BEMIS CENTER and Carver Bank

Kenya Robinson